FAL Holding, the major shareholder of INDIPCO, has been a key player in Saudi Arabia’s rapid     development since the 1970’s. FAL Holding has grown into an international group of companies in the Middle East, Europe & North America with an annual revenue exceeding U$ 600 millions and more than 4,000 employees. FAL Holding is engaged in a diverse range of activities, with headquarters in  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In addition to the expansion of its own activities,


FAL Holding provides reliable sponsorship and business development capabilities for foreign companies wishing to do business in Saudi Arabia



 The major activities held by FAL Holding are:


·        Healthcare

·        Engineering and Construction

·        Telecommunications, IT and Process Management

·        Finance &  Banking

·        Heavy Industries

·        Hotel, Resort, Leisure and Travel

·        Real Estate

·        Agriculture

·        Food Processing

·        Education System

·        Aviation



Fahad M. Al-Athel

President & Chairman of the Board