International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd.

INDIPCO Industrial Sector, manufactures pipes was established in 2005.
* The factory is located within the Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu.
* Jubail Industrial City – on a land area of 155,000m².
* The Company, with a production capacity of 200,000 tons per year & Diameters ranging from DN 100mm to DN 2200mm.

President & Chairman of Board CEO, INDIPCO

Dr. Fahad Mohammed Al-Athel is a Saudi businessman and one of the leading developers in the economic fields. Diversity, in the forefront of which is the industrial, medical, real estate and tourism fields in the Arab region.
Dr. Fahad Mohammed Al-Athel, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO and founder of the “FAL Holdings Group” is among the list of major companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is primarily responsible for its activities and operations.
In addition to his successful leadership of the "FAL Holdings" he holds the position of CEO and member of the board of directors in several other commercial companies, including the INDIPCO International Company for Ductile Pipes Ltd.

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Dr. Fahad Mohammed Al Athel / President & Chairman of the Board
Dr. Sheikh Fahad Al-Athel
Dr. Sheikh Fahad Al-Athel

Indipco's main objective is to always be the world's number one producer of high quality ductile iron pipes to meet customer needs and meet their standards.

Our quality standards

Engr.  Muayyad Hasan
General Manager "INDIPCO " International Ductile Iron Pipes Company

An international expert in the field of manufacturing and managing iron factories, he worked with the largest iron manufacturers in Europe.
He lived and studied in Germany and obtained three graduate degrees in engineering from Germany.
He worked at the beginning of his life, in the provincial council of one of the major German industrial cities, which represented a practical start in the field of heavy industries in that city.

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INDIPICO operates a professional management that combines experience and skill

A management that enabled the company to reserve its seat in the first ranks of that vital industry

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Flow Process of Production

Flow Process of Production

Flow Process of Production

International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd.

INDIPCO’s is a Quality Endorsed Company assessed and accredited, It specializes in the manufacturing of Ductile Iron Pipes for water, sewage, industrial water as per SASO 1014 GS 766,and the following codes & standards: ISO 2531, ISO 8179, ISO 16132,  ISO 4179, ISO 4633  

Production covers several countries on the continents of the world, bringing the name of INDIPCO to various countries amid praise for INDIPCO products

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The main objective of INDIPCO is to always be the first producer in the world of high quality ductile iron pipes to meet the needs of customers and conform to their standard specifications with precise practical steps and the use of the best raw materials and the delivery of the final product in an ideal way. We always achieve complete customer satisfaction with the testimony of many customers and many local and international accreditations

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